Human body is composed of five elements. About 60 % of the body composition is water. Water play crucial role in keeping the body healthy and toxins free. Water is essential for absorption of nutrients in the body and it helps in cleansing the body to flush out toxins.

Today is World Health Day and we should take pledge to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Keeping ourselves healthy and fit is the need of the hour as we need to immune ourselves against Covid-19 or Corona virus.

We will list 5 health benefits of drinking water and how it helps in keeping the body healthy.

1. Water is crucial for nutrients absorption in the body. In summers we lose our body water in form of sweat. With sweat, we lose important electrolytes from our body. We must replenish our body with water and keep it hydrated to avoid many health problems.Water helps in dissolving the minerals and other nutrients in the body in order to make them accessible to the body parts.

2.Water is the ultimate skin saviour. It helps the skin to keep itself healthy. Proper hydration is he key for glowing skin. It also replenishes the skin. Water helps in reducing wrinkles.

3. Water Helps in improving digestion. It helps in exchange of food nutrients and breaking down of food in the gut.Water helps in relieving the load on the liver and kidney by flushing out toxins from body in form of urine. It also help in relieving constipation.

4. Water helps in regulating the body temperature. We should consume foods which are rich in water such as watermelons, tomatoes , grapes, cucumber. Water helps in tissues repair by the body and helps in reducing risk of muscle cramps , which happens due to lack of water in the body.

5. Water helps in weight loss. Yes, adequate water intake helps in improve health and helps in loosing weight. It removes the by product of fat ,keeps you full for longer if water is taken before meals. It improves metabolism and it has zero calories.

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