Holi is one of the most celebrated and cherished festivals in India. It is celebrated by putting colours on each other , but since there are chemicals in the colours, this can damage your skin and hair. The exposure of harmful colours can lead to skin and hair problems. While enjoying Holi, it is utmost important to take care of skin before and after the indulging into celebration. So, before you head out for all the Holi 2021 festivities, here are a few tips to keep your skin and hair healthy:
How to take care of your skin and hair before Holi

Before Holi Skincare :

- Apply any skin oil to your face and the other exposed parts of the skin. 
 You can go with coconut oil or almond oil, which will help to protect your skin from colours' harsh effects.

- Don't forget to apply a sunscreen to your face and the exposed skin, it will act as a barrier and protect your skin from sun damage.

- To protect your nails, apply nail polish. The polish will help to act as a protective cover to your nails.

Before Holi Haircare:

-Apply oil in your hair. Get a head massage before.

- Don't keep your hair open while playing with colours. You can go for a ponytail, wear head cover or tie your duppatta to head to protect your hair.

How to remove Holi colours from skin and hair:

Post Holi Skincare:

-  It is difficult to remove colours after it gets dry, so it's best to remove colours when     its wet.Take a shower as soon as you are at home.

- Use lukewarm water to wash off the colours from your face. You can use a mixture of sea salt, glycerin and a few drops of aroma oil. This anti-bacterial mixture will protect your skin from the toxic colours.

- Don't rub your skin too much, this can actually damage your skin. Instead, use an oil to remove the colours gently.

- Once you have removed the colours, make sure you moisturise your face to prevent it from dryness.

Post Holi Haircare:

- After playing Holi, the first thing you can do is wash off the colours with just plain water. This way most of the colour will come off.

- Once you have rinsed your hair, go for a mild shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair properly.

- You can go for a nice head massage. Take two spoons olive oil with four spoons of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Wash off your hair with shampoo after 30 minutes.

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