New Parenthood brings a lot of challenges, getting your baby to sleep in the night is the most common among all.

There could be many reasons because of which baby doesn't feel comfortable and is unable to sleep at night.

Newborns often tend to wake up as they demand to be fed at intervals throughout the night. 

The feeding demand reduces as they gradually grow up but there could be other issues now which can bother them such as teething problem, developmental milestones, illness or any change in the routine.

This is very challenging for new parents and they end up feeling exhausted and sleep deprived.

In this article, we would share some easy tips which would help you to put your babies to sleep calmly through the night. Let's get started.

1. Bedtime routine 

A bedtime routine is best to put a baby to sound sleep. However, it depends on the baby and the kind of day they had.An ideal bedtime routine should be between 1 hour to 15 minutes.

It may include a bath, cleaning diaper, applying lotion, giving a massage, reading a story, feeding, placing the baby in a swaddle, dimming the lights, singing slow/soft lullabies and saying your bedtime words to babies.

Keeping the bedtime routine as simple as possible and following the same routine daily helps the baby learn and get used to this routine, which ultimately helps to get a good sleep.

2. Baby's Position

While you put your baby to sleep, do not place the baby on the stomach or on side. Place the baby on his/her back while sleeping.

To reduce the risk of suffocation, use a firm sleeping surface for the baby.

3. Swaddle (for Infants)

Swaddling can be done to newborns from birth till 4-5 months. 

It protects the baby from their natural startle reflex which means baby feels as if they are falling. It helps the baby sleep longer and sound.

A newborn should be swaddled correctly and placed on his back in the crib so that he/she feels comfortable and sleeps for a longer duration.

4. Ambience of the Room

The Ambience in which baby is sleeping should be very calm so that it does not disturbs his/her sleep. Make sure that the lights are dim/dark and the temperature is normal so that the baby feels comfortable.

5. Pacifier

Pacifiers can be used as a sleep prop for babies. Sucking the pacifier may help the babies fall asleep for longer which in turn allows you to get a sound sleep.

This should not be made a regular habit as the baby would cry if the pacifier falls off the mouth disturbing the sleep. Using this in limit or not using at all will ultimately cure this problem.

6. Changing Diapers

Newborns often tend to pee and it has to be checked regularly. Wet diapers makes the baby uncomfortable and leave them crying. 

Check and change the diapers in night as and when required. Changing the diaper before midnight prevents the baby from waking up and they tend to take a good and sound sleep for longer.

7. Massage

Giving massage to babies before sleep is a very good option to help them achieve a sound sleep.

Massaging the baby regularly helps them to sleep peacefully at night and they will be more active during the day.

8. Gradually start reducing the night feeds

As the baby start growing, you may reduce the night feeds every time they wake up. Though it would not be an easy task at all, but you can slowing reduce this, feed them less at night during sleep.

This way they can inculcate the habit of sleeping independently on their own without depending on the night feeds.

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